New U.S. Naval Ships to Enter Canada for Testing

Last week, the U.S. Navy showed off new planes, ships, and submarines. Two planes and two submarines are travelling to Canada for the first time, and the naval ships will be arriving a few days later.

The first aircraft carrier landed at a fort in British Columbia this morning. Today’s Navy news comes 10-1/4 months after the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived in Canada. That aircraft carrier was upgraded when it was taken out by the Canadian Navy and transferred to Prince Edward Island.

A new destroyer has already been commissioned on board HMS Queen Elizabeth, following the completion of the ship’s first “launch into combat” mission. A spokesman says the ship won’t “face further battles or risk damage to the hull and its cargo vessel fleet” in response to attack in South Atlantic waters. “It is more important a carrier could have a greater impact on the conflict against other navies, and we’re keen to ensure that we can exercise our greatest threat” says the spokesman.

And yet HMS Darling has been put to test thoroughly, starting with testing the US Navy’s latest aircraft carriers, the USS Roosevelt and USS New York, both designed by Navy veterans. Both ships have the capability to fly attacks over long distances.

The ships themselves won’t be tested until later this month. Before that, of course, we’ll have to wait and see if any of the more experienced ships are ready for duty, and even if they are, it’ll be a long wait before they are formally committed.

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