East Australia to Face Record Heat Wave

A “heat spike” to hit the southeast Australian city of Mackay and the northern sections of Southern Oosthuizen, which are believed to have experienced “the biggest heat wave on record in far east Australia.” With the rise in temperatures hitting more than a day late yesterday, Perth, South Australia, is now on course for its highest level of heat in 70 years.

The latest report from meteorologists puts Perth at about nine degrees higher than last summer’s record heat of 41 degrees Celcius. A spokesman for Australian meterologists said these heatwaves happen every three months. “By May we will be at 17.6 degrees above 1997’s record,” he said. “We are at 17.7 and 21.6 degrees above 1990, and within a year people probably will be talking about an increase in temperatures in 30 years or less.”

Meteorologists said it was “disappointing” to consider that conditions had not been affected by earlier peaks. One claimed that “no such heat waves” had played a part as temperatures had remained relatively calm throughout this year.

Australia is now sending a weather satellite that measures the weather in the region to meteorologists in Perth to gauge the relative temperature. The satellite is expected to arrive on Saturday.

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