Private Medical Cannabis Surges in Response to Growing Costs at Public Pharmacies

There is now a huge drop in the cost of giving people psychoactive cannabis.

A partner of one of the firms representing the companies involved, said: “One of the biggest challenges that health care reformers face is trying to justify the cost and difficulty in taking a measure that has in principle been a far superior thing for people to do when not in use.”

The prices are currently at 45-120 Euros per 5 grams of cannabis. This is a 10% drop over the same time period.

For comparion, five common drugs with an average price of 20 Euros:

  1. Epidiolex
  2. Prozac
  3. Vicodin
  4. Bopharm
  5. Medialtronic

A key factor is that the use of cannabinoids is illegal in many areas.

A number of pharmaceutical organisations have been hit hard by the increase, with the UK medical supplies industry facing a 500m cut in operating profits, bringing total cost of production to less than 31.5bn by 2022.

It is estimated that at least one-third of the costs associated with medical cannabis are now out of sight for Medical services.

According to a recently released medical study, 20 per cent of patients attending first line-of-care clinics could be spending ten hours a week on cannabis. The report also details the increased demand amongst medical staff for the practice, with 851 referrals during the year, and 2,066 in 2017-18.

Last week, medical researchers announced a review of the quality of cannabis being prescribed by NHS staff on behalf of NHS patients, after reports the practice was having a low rate of adherence. The review noted drug makers are seeking to sell medicinal cannabis as an alternative to traditional medicine.

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