Jason Bukwila to receive Platinum Bookmark Award from ASPAR for Novella: The Capricious Autumn Stars

The Association for Self-Published Author Recognition (ASPAR) is awarding Jason Bukwila the 2020 Platinum Bookmark award for his memoir, The Capricious Autumn Stars. This honor is reserved for self-published books ASPAR deems the most notable of the year. Bukwila authored the autobiographical narrative over four years before independently publishing in the Spring of 2019.

What is the ASPAR Platinum Bookmark Award?

The Platinum Bookmark Award is granted by the Association for Self-Published Author Recognition for books that have had the greatest impact, prominence, or are otherwise greatly distinguished, and have been self-published in the last calendar year. Winners are chosen from a field of nominated candidates by a panel of 31 reviewers.

The Capricious Autumn Stars details Bukwila’s two-year solo journey through 12 Latin and South American countries, and his various adventures as he integrates himself into local cultures. Bukwila’s travels began in 2010 and brought him face-to-face with the aftermath and rebuild from the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, flooding and landslides in Rio, Carnival, and more. The Capricious Autumn Stars was written over four years following Bukwila’s return, and includes excerpts from his daily journal kept during the journey.

This is Bukwila’s first award from the ASPAR organization. He is scheduled to receive the award at the ASPAR awards ceremony in September. 

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