A Medical Manufacturer had to Destroy Medical Supplies After a Visit by Donald Trump, but not as Many as Claimed by Some

In June 2020, Puritan Medical Products hosted the US President Donald Trump and displayed the swab manufacturing ramp-up that was being done in response to COVID-19. Controversy sparked when a company spokesperson revealed to USAToday that swabs manufactured during his visit would have to be discarded.

Puritan Medical Products clarified that only the swabs created during the 15 minute manufacturing demonstration had to be discarded, which is a result of the number of people in the room, not Trump’s refusal to wear a mask. To maintain their schedule while accommodating the presidential visit, Puritan Medical had moved a bulk of their manufacturing that week to the weekend. Read the full statement below, as posted on Puritan Medical’s Facebook page:

For the past several months, the Puritan Medical Products team has been working relentlessly to produce the swabs necessary for COVID-19 testing. We were glad to have the opportunity for our role in addressing the global health pandemic be recognized by the resident and other senior government officials.

Due to the number of individuals (officials, security personal, and media) participating in the visit, we made the decision in advance that we would not use any of the product manufactured during the visit. Production was limited on selected machines to a reduced 15-minute demonstration period during which the President was actively touring our manufacturing floor. In addition, after the visit we conducted the type of full facility cleaning that was necessary. It is also worth noting that all COVID-19 testing swabs are sterilized after production.

In anticipation of the visit, we shifted Friday’s daily production schedule to the weekend, which allowed for no production loss. We are grateful for the hard work of our team -they have been quiet heroes.

Puritan Medical Products’ statement via their Facebook page

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